Over the last three decades, almost every industry and sector have been impacted by Technology. With the rise of the networked world; aggregation and intermediation has led to fundamental changes in the market structures and in organizations. Technology has not only given rise to new industries, but has also shaped the existing ones.

Our track record

We have deep understanding of the business and transaction aspects in IT services, products, digital, media and technology enabled industries. This provides significant value to our clients, since not only are we able to provide advice on transaction aspects, but also on some key related business aspects. Having concluded most of our previous transactions involving Technology focused companies, this is one domain where Finvista has strong expertise and understanding.

We serve a wide gamut of companies in the Technology space - Systems Integrators, companies focused on technologies such as the System on a Chip, IoT, Cloud, AI and Machine Learning, Block Chain etc., to Internet Platforms ranging from marketplaces to MOOCs.

We have a specific focus on the following sub sectors:
  • IT Services and Systems Integrators
  • Technology-led Consulting
  • IT Products – Hardware and Software
  • Business Process Management Platforms
  • Internet Platforms