Globalization in Engineering is mainly driven by the talent availability and to meet the time-to-market at a breathtaking speed. The Indian engineering services outsourcing business was earlier aggregated under the Information Technology (IT) or the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. However, due to rapid technological advancement and growing demand, the Product Engineering Services segment has encompassed verticals such as telecom, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, and has flowered on its own separate segment.

Our track record

We have advised on some of the noteworthy Product Engineering Services M&A in India, with deals across geographies such as the USA, Continental Europe (Germany mainly) and Japan. Our understanding of this niche segment, our ability to do complex transactions, our understanding of cultural nuances,and our consultants’ core Engineering domain expertise stand out as a big differentiator for us in this sector.

We have a sound understanding of both Process and Discrete manufacturing. We bring to the table our ability to identify the right partnerships across the globe to set up some of the niche manufacturing facilities that are innovative and disruptive to the traditional manufacturing practices.