Founded in 2009, Finvista, a specialized mid market M&A advisory services firm, helps its clients make strategic investments by providing expert and impartial advice in a professional manner. Finvista uses proprietary templates and processes to ensure smooth execution of various steps in a transaction.
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Finvista differentiates itself from its competition by virtue of its unique blend of experience and expertise of its people, its value proposition to clients, positioning, the service offerings and the depth of service offerings. Finvista helps its clients significantly reduce risk and extract maximum benefit from M&A initiatives.
The people at Finvista come with unique blend of Strategy, Industry and Transaction experience. The variety of transactions executed by Finvista staff ranges from Multiple M&As, Joint Ventures, Asset Purchase etc. The M&A sectors span areas like Management Consulting, IT infrastructure, Data warehousing and BI, Financial Services, ERP/SAP and IT Services.
Finvista has expertise in every step of executing a M&A transaction. Our best practices culled from past experience help clients do things right the first time in transaction situations. For example we prepare a high level Integration roadmap in the strategy step itself. The depth of our service offerings across the M&A lifecycle is a reflection of our expertise across the complete lifecycle of a transaction.


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